About me

Why come to me rather than go somewhere else?

I'm not sure I believe in an addictive personality, but if there is such a thing, then I'm it.

I have had first hand experience of addictions, and while I was in rehab one of the counsellors said he thought i'd make a good counsellor once I'd overcome my own addictions. I decided to build on my recovery, get some counselling qualifications and experience, and help other people.

I've had experience in a youth agency, a christian agency, a men's agency, and a drug and alcohol counselling service, before being a child and adolescent counsellor working with hidden harm (i.e. parental substance misuse). I was given the opportunity to do some training on gambling work, and became coordinator of an all-Ireland gambling counselling service. As a result of that I've worked with more than 1000 clients, ranging anything from an information session for family members to longer term work as required.

I have spent considerable time reviewing research from around the world, constantly looking to further inform my work, but no amount of study or research could better prepare me than the thousands of hours i have spent talking with gamblers and their families.

There are other counsellors, some who work with gamblers, some who are very well experienced and qualified, but not many have anywhere near my experience of specifically working with gambling.